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Barbara’s Better Than Granola Dark Chocolate Cranberry

Non GMO Whole Grain 9g* protein
* per serving
6g* fiber
* per serving

Why is Barbara's Better than Granola so much Better?

barbaras product diagram 9g of Protein ALA OMEGA 3's Ancient grains and seeds
  • High Fiber
  • Low Fat
  • Low Sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian

SPECIAL RECIPE: Unlike other granola that use sugary syrup and oils to bind oats into clusters, our unique recipe does not. That way you can enjoy a touch of sweetness where it counts.

MUNCH MORE: A serving of Barbara’s Better than Granola is a FULL 2/3 cup!

ANCIENT GRAINS AND SEEDS: Wholesome nutrition dates back to ancient times: these plants have been grown and eaten for thousands of years for good reason.

WHOLE GRAINS, ALA OMEGA-3’S, AND FIBER: Barbara’s Better than Granola is bursting with nutrition to get your body running at its best: 28g of whole grains, 210mg ALA Omega-3’s, and 6g of fiber per serving!

PROTEIN POWER: Protein helps you feel full and keels you energized for the day ahead.

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25 minutes

Barbara’s Better Granola Oatmeal Bars

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