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Pumpkin Puffins (seasonal)

For a limited time only get all the health benefits of a bowl of Puffins with all the fall spices of pumpkin pie.

Non GMO 5g* Sugar
* per serving
Gluten Free Whole Grain

Fall in Love with Pumpkin Puffins

barbaras product diagram Low Sugar Real Pumpkin Fall Spices
  • Dairy Free
  • delicious
  • Low Fat
  • Low Sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Prebiotic Dietary Fiber
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Crunchy corn pillow made with real pumpkin and spiced with all the fall flavors of pumpkin pie make this sweet, but not too sweet treat irresistible. Get them while they’re here! Fall only lasts for a couple months and so will our Pumpkin Puffins…

Below is a list of Retailers who will carry Pumpkin Puffins this season at most of their stores. Can’t find them at your local grocery store? Make sure to check out at or Amazon.

Target Sprouts
Kroger Whole Foods (Northeast, Rocky Mtn, Northern California)
Fred Meyer Earthfare
Ralphs Fairway Market
King Soopers Akins
QFC Green Acres
Stop & Shop Mrs Greens
Giant PCC Markets
Wegmans Bristol Farms
Shoprite Vitamin Plus
Giant Eagle Lucky Vitamin
Kings Supermarkets Bellingham Co-op
Big Y Island Naturals
Kings Supermarkets Bellingham Co-op
Tops New Leaf Markets
Acme New Seasons
Shaw’s Lassens
Starter Bros Mothers
HEB Haagens PNW
Foodtown Harmons
Lucky’s Markets

How a Playful Bird Landed on Our Box

We got the name for our cereals from a long-time employee who fell in love with puffins (the birds) on an Alaskan trip. They inspired us to fledge a flock of delicious wheat-free Puffins cereals with a crunch that’s almost as amazing as the birds they were named for! The best part of a Puffins breakfast is the hearty crunch, followed by a satisfied morning powered by naturally sweet grains. Playful as their namesake, Puffins cereals are equally delicious swimming in a bowl of milk or scooped up by the handful.


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50 mins

Pumpkin Puffin Bars
with Cream Cheese

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