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Barbara’s cereal and snacks can contribute to any healthy meal or snack. Review & share these recipes and send us your own! We would love to feature your recipes using Barbara’s products.

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Great for Kids!

Snackimals Baked Apple header 15-20 min

Snackimals Baked Apple

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Rating: 3.8/5 (12 votes cast)

This is an easy way to make breakfast or snack time fun while still keeping it simple and nutritious. You can have the kids help with the preparation as well, they loved helping stuff the little Snackimals into the apple.

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Ranger Cookies header 8 - 10 mins

Ranger Cookies

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Rating: 4.0/5 (31 votes cast)

Chocolate Chip Ranger Cookies are a delicious treat that incorporates Barbara’s Corn Flakes into the mix!

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Snackimals Cereal Bars header 25 mins

Snackimals Cereal Bars

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Rating: 4.0/5 (28 votes cast)

I made Cereal bars, and they were a huge hit at our house. I was not sure how well they would do since I have not made this before, but they taste awesome. It’s a great snack to keep in the house. I took some to the gym & everyone loved it, and was surprised to find out what was in it.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffin Balls header 10 mins

Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffin Balls

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Rating: 4.0/5 (30 votes cast)

I spent a couple of days thinking about a healthy snack/dessert that I could make and over the weekend got to creating! The end result were these yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffin Balls.

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Puffin Waffles header

Puffin Waffles

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Rating: 3.6/5 (16 votes cast)

Puffins Cereal is one of my favorite breakfast cereals. It is healthy, crunchy, sweet and great by itself or with milk. I figured that if Puffins were great by themselves, they would be perfect in some waffles.

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