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Whole Grains Fuel Your Body!

  Cynthia Harriman, author of five books and Director of Food & Nutrition Strategies for Boston-based Oldways and the Whole Grains Council, speaks regularly worldwide on the pleasures of healthy eating.

Got clients who are not yet making half their grains whole? September is Whole Grains Month, so we’re here to share some approaches the Whole Grains Council has found helpful in persuading people to take this important step to better health. Try these arguments in your practice!
You already like them. Ask some people if they eat whole grains, and they may give you a flat-out no. Probe a bit further: “Ever eat popcorn? Do you like oatmeal? What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?” Almost everyone already eats and enjoys whole grains. Realizing that some of their favorite foods are – unbeknownst to them – whole grain may help them warm up to the idea of trying more.
Give your taste buds a chance to adjust. Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale’s Prevention Research Center, says that our taste buds adjust to changes in about two weeks. If you switch from whole milk to skim milk and stick with it for two weeks, Katz says, “suddenly whole milk feels like drinking wallpaper paste.” Many people tell us that once that get used to the fuller, nuttier taste of whole grains, refined grains taste too plain and bland. Challenge your clients to try eating whole grains for just two weeks.
Try “half-whole” grains. Just as most people move from whole milk to 2% rather than directly to skim, many people prefer to make a gradual transition to whole grains. Many breads, pizza crusts, granola bars and cereals are made of a mix of whole and refined grains. Encourage your clients to check the ingredient list, or look for the Basic Whole Grain Stamp (see below). After all, one way to “make half your grains whole” is to simply make sure all the grain foods you eat contain roughly equal amounts of whole and refined grain.
You deserve it. So many healthy food messages are based on deprivation: eat low-fat this, low-calorie that, low-sugar the-other. Whole grains are about getting more: more taste, more nutrients, more fiber. You wouldn’t purposely go to the store and choose apples or oranges with half or more of their nutrients removed, so why not buy whole grains, and get everything nature intended! At this point, mention that research shows whole grains may reduce heart and stroke risk, help prevent diabetes, and help with weight maintenance, among other benefits.
Look for the Whole Grain Stamp. For many people, one barrier to eating more whole grains is simply confusion about how to find them on grocery shelves. Advise your clients to look for the 100% Whole Grain Stamp, found on products where all the grain is whole grain, or the Basic Whole Grain Stamp, on products made with a mix of whole and refined grain. Each Stamp says clearly how much whole grain is in a serving of the product, and carries a reminder that our goal, for good health, is to consume 48 grams or more of whole grain daily. Visit to learn more!

 Pass Along These Whole Grains Tips!

* Spread whole wheat pitas with sauce, cheese, and veggies for a quick pizza.
* Substitute whole grain flour for half the all-purpose flour in most recipes
* Try three brands of whole grain pasta to find your favorite
* Serve bulgur, quinoa, or brown rice instead of potatoes at least one night a week
* Start the day with a hot or cold whole grain breakfast cereal with fruit
* Enjoy whole grain crackers or chips with hummus or salsa at snack time

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Happy Whole Grains Month!

Barbara's is a founding member of the Whole Grains Council!

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